25.-26. November 2017

Robert Steinbacher, the bodyARTschool and the IFHIAS Institute present:

International bodyART and deepWORK Summit 2017

This is an exclusive summit (limited to 150 participants) open only for licensed bodyART Instructors and deepWORK Trainers.

Robert Steinbacher’s idea behind the Summit is to provide our Instructor Community with specific ‘know-how’  workshops and masterclasses. This event will mark the start of a new form of "Community Summit".

Exclusive, innovative and revolutionary

This weekend will be a highlight for the community!

Many new exercises, exercise combinations with background knowledge, special knowledge about specific areas of expertise, fine-tuning of the Robert Steinbacher concept and much more professional information will make this summit unique.

The summit is divided into two days:

  • SATURDAY - deepWORK Trainers/Instructors ONLY
  • SUNDAY - bodyART Instructors ONLY
  • Instructors who are both bodyART licensed and deepWORK accredited - can book both days in combination

The program consists of two workshop rooms and an exercise hall running over three time slots.

A free lunch buffet, free drinks from the sports bar, fruit and various snacks are included.

Be a part of it!

Yin and Yang Midnight Party

On Saturday, 25.11.2017, we invite all Summit participants to a special Yin and Yang Midnight Blast.

YANG: 60 minutes deepWORK
YIN: 60 minutes bodyART
Special Highlight: Healing Meditation (30 minutes)

Each Summit participant will receive a FREE voucher to bring a guest of their choice. Non-coaches are also welcome!

Bring your favorite fan!