bodyART Elements on tour ★ 5nd May 2018 ★ Ismaning/München

The event ‘Elements on tour’ is a showcase for the classic bodyART programmes in combination with new ideas and updates.  In addition, the event will present the mega programme deepWORK® and BAX® by Robert Steinbacher will be presented by Janni Giannikakis.

The special feature of ‘Elements on Tour’ is living through the 5 elements of the bodyART philosophy!

Throughout an energetic and inspiring training day, all the Master Classes will focus on the 5 elements and their energy phases so that you can feel what it means to perceive the balance of the 5 elements and how they are implemented through movement!

Let yourself be creative and amazed!  We are looking forward to welcoming you in Ismaning/Munich, Salzburg or Mannheim to our ‘Back to our Roots – 5EOT!!! (5 Elements on tour)’

Be a part of it!

Yours Robert Steinbacher

Your bodyART presenters: Robert Steinbacher, Alexa Le and other popular team members will make this day!

Ismaning/Munich – 5 May 2018


Programme - 5 May 2018

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