Program 2018

The bodyART mega team:


Global Master Trainer

bodyART Holidays 2018 - spirit and exercises - Mallorca

Date: 21.-28.10.2018

bodyART event: 22.-27.10.2018

bodyART® Training is presented in an exclusive and beautiful setting with a truly dreamlike ambience.  bodyART® Training has been the recipient of the award for best training concept in the US several times and is based on the five elements of Chinese Medicine.  The training is focused on the individual as a unity of body, mind and soul.

There are two different training orientations. On the one hand, strength, flexibility and balance are combined together with a focus on stability and coordination.  Improved well-being, posture improvement, prevention and counteracting back pain as well as stress reduction are some of the positive benefits of this unique training. On the other hand, the focus is on flowing movements, stretching and relaxation elements that help to lead to a greater sense of physical well-being in everyday life.

The course will be led by the developer of the bodyART Training concept Robert Steinbacher who together with his Master Trainer team, will deliver a perfectly balanced program allowing for optimal participation in the courses and a new body awareness and sense of well-being.

An unforgettable experience with fun, music and a fully motivated bodyART Master Team!

Enjoy your dream holiday in combination with a wonderful journey for you and your body!

Our travel package is unsurpassed and provides you with the possibility to book exactly the right option for you.  With our tour operator Patricio Travel you are in the best hands and will receive an offer tailored to your needs. There are three first-class hotel categories available to book. You can chose from the Vanity Suite & Spa (for adults only) - in the Aparthotel VIVA Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa or in the very luxurious Selection Club. Mrs. Sabrina Rück from Patricio Travel will provide you with all the information you need to make your choice!

A special highlight of our event will be our evening dinners (x5) where we meet together in the various specialty restaurants as well as our Gala Dinner at the Mirablau (beach restaurant). Our training area will be located in the Vanity Suite & Spa.

Our bodyART Holidays always have a limited number of participants!

Event program

The main content of the program will be the Steinbacher training concepts: bodyART, deepWORK and BAX.

The program will be online very soon!