Traditional bodyART New Year Special 2019

In Ismaning/Munich on 6 January 2019 (Sunday)

Start the year 2019 with bodyART.

Celebrate the bodyART New Year’s Special now for the 9 time with us to welcome the New Year. The mixture of the different classes will give you great inspiration and make you want to share it with your participants. Infuse one day together with bodyART specialists and enthusiasts. Come together and practice with full energy and joy.

Winter may still be outside and the air may be bitterly cold while we start into the new year with bodyART. What could be better?

This day is for bodyART instructors as well as for bodyART enthusiasts and newbies, who want to get to know bodyART. The number of participants is limited.

Like the years before we’ll offer a healthy buffet with many delicious food around noon.

Robert Steinbacher and Ulrike Mangold be there for you!