What is bodyART Training?

The comprehensive course program bodyART® is based on the five elements of Chinese medicine and regards the person as a unity of body, mind and soul. Through the exercises strength, flexibility and balance will be interconnected. Stability, coordination, well-being, improved posture, prevention and counteraction of back pain as well as stress reduction are positive effects of the unique training. By regular training the body will be shaped and you will feel strengthened and more vital in your everyday life!

What is the difference between bodyART and other training programs?

The bodyART Training always focuses on the wholeness of body, mind and soul, without any spiritual or religious background. The exercises are all therapeutically and functionally tested. Due to regular exercises many health improvements are achieved. Therefore bodyART has already achieved prices several times in the U.S. and so far it is the only training that has made the leap from Europe to the U.S. and not vice versa.

Where can I train bodyART?

The bodyART training is offered in many gyms, clubs, community colleges, universities, etc. The nearest location can be found under Find Courses.

What should be considered when joining a bodyART lesson in a location?

[It is important that the training is conducted by a licensed bodyART Instructor. By inserting the name under Find an instructor you will quickly find out if this person has a valid bodyART license.

For whom the bodyART Training is suitable?

The bodyART Training is suitable for all people: men and women, young and elderly people, amateur or professional athletes. It is easy for everyone, as the training offers different training levels. Please read the detailed description of our course programs

How often should I join the bodyART Training?

To achieve a positive effect on your body you should train bodyART twice a week. Depending on requirements, the training sessions can also be increased.