How do I become a bodyART Instuctor?

You like the bodyART® philosophy and training and you can identify yorself with both? You are looking for something, that inspires you and widens your knowledge and body consciousness? Than we welcome you in the world of bodyART®.

The bodyART education consists of three education levels. Level 1 is the basis for the bodyART training and it teaches you to become an instructor. Step by Step you learn about teaching skills and positions and exercises which you put together into sequences.

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Which are the requirments to become a bodyART intructor?

There may be different reasons and motivations why somebody chooses to do the bodyART basic education. Therefore you should have a good or even very good physical and mental fitness.

It is not unusual that at first participants do the education just for themselves in order to train effectively. However most participants work already in other areas of the fitness business, Yoga or physio therapy.

How long does the bodyART education take?

Level 1 education consists of three weekends.

Within a period of 4 months it is expected that the participant practices its technique and philosopy in between each module. The basis modules I to III build upon each other and each one has its own focus. This structure supports the prospective bodyART intructor in his individual learing process. At the end of the 3 modules you have to pass an exam to be an International bodyART Instructor. You will get a licence and are allowed to teach bodyART.

Why is bodyart a licensed programm ?

It is very important to us to guarantee the quality of the bodyART concept and philosopy. This is the reason why bodyART is a licensed programm and has to be refreshed every two years.

By passing the exam of your basic education you will get a "International bodyART Instructor" diploma which is valid 2 years. 

After these 2 years you have to do a refresher module to keep your license and in order to keep the quality of your technique an in your classes.

How can I extend my knowledge after the basic education?

After passing the basic education exam there are a plenty of possibilities to do further modules out of level 2 and 3.

bodyART training is a concept that continually improves and that professionally works in- and outside. Therefore the bodyART school offers guidance and supports its instructors be continually testing and refreshing their knowledge.

It is the goal of the bodyART school and of each bodyART instructor not to stand still but to constantly grow and to improve knowledge and technique.

Where can I teach bodyART?

The bodyART training concept is offered already in many gyms, sport clubs, evening schools, hospitals and universities. A lot of bodyART Instructors even work independently.

Who teaches the bodyART education modules?

All bodyART education modules will be taught be a team of specialists, which was authorised by Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Le.

You can find all authorised teacher under: Team

Further questions

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email.