Education program for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

For the education program for other countries, please see the list of our Franchise Partner

Education Overview

bodyART Education Basic (Beginner)

Education to become a certified International bodyART Instructor Level 1.
This education is the start in the complex bodyART education.




Level 2 Advanced - Classic Modules

The classic moduls (Level 2) improve your skills as bodyART Instructor and deepen your knowledge of the secrets of bodyART.

Level 2 Advanced - Additional Modules

The additional modules (Level 2) give you expert knowledge, which continues professional your development as a bodyART Instructor.

Level 2 Advanced - Special Modules

The special modules (Level 2) guide you to teach specific target groups, professionally and successfully.

Level 3 Professional Modules

The Level 3 modules require the successful completion of certain Level II modules. Your way to be a professional instructor.