Giovanna Mondragón

By now Giovanna has more than twenty years of experience in fitness.  She is a specialist in Functional Training, Pilates and Dance and a bodyART Master Trainer for Mexico since 2013.

She has been an international presenter at several conferences and a Master Trainer for brands like  Reebok, Technogym and Body Bar Systems.

For Sport City University in Mexico City she also creates new workout programs which are offered at their gyms all over Mexico.


Giovanna about bodyART:

“I’ve always loved movement in different forms: dance, gymnastics, fitness, etc, but I never found something that brought balance into my life until I experienced bodyART.

Life is complicated and loud so finding that small silent space in my mind is something that I would never give up to. bodyART taught me how to focus and enjoy movement in a very simple and beautiful way. Now I just want to spread the positive message and help others to find that joy that is frequently lost.”